January 9th, 2017


January 9--at the confluence

I set my alarm for 6 am so I could be at work by 7. The alarm went off and I made coffee and gave the cats their treats, then decided to lie down for a minute to wait for the coffee. Then it was 10:45 and Malida is asking me if the coffee is ready. No big deal, since there are no students yet. I just needed to go in and get stuff done, and I did, eventually. Interesting, though. I never sleep that late.

So I went in and got stuff done. None of the other teachers were there--just the office staff and my boss. I am pretty much ready for the upcoming semester--just a few loose ends and a hospital visit tomorrow. I will also attend a presentation by one of my former students on dialysis-induced ischemia. She is completing her master's degree and asked me to mentor her through her project. I love seeing my former students doing well. It's the best thing about teaching.

After work I drove out to the river to see how high it was. Sacramento sits at the confluence of the American and Sacramento rivers, and there is a big park where they meet. When the rivers are high, the park floods--it's all part of the plan. Back when I first started doing a photo a day for a year stuff, I took a picture of the park flooded, and noted that "the waters are turbulent". My emotions were turbulent.


At the confluence, on the American as it flows into the Sacramento. It kind of looks like it is raining, but that is some camera artifact from making a panorama shot.

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