January 28th, 2017


January 28--Give us your tired, your poor....

I had a picture of a cat to post today. I have spent most of the day huddled over my doctoral project, completing IRB applications, creating evaluation tools, and updating my proposal. I went to eat at our friends' house with Malida and took a picture of our cat for todays post.

When I got home I read the news about immigrants and refugees being turned away at our borders, detained in airports awaiting an uncertain future. It filled me with a sense of shame that our country could do this. This isn't the America I know.

I thought about a guy I met on my first paying photography job. He was an Iraqi who had helped the U.S. try to rebuild Iraq after the war. He was kidnapped by militants, but escaped before he was to be put to death. He came to the U.S. as a refugee with his family, and has rebuilt his life here. He is a truck mechanic.

I thought about him this evening. Had he arrived here today, he might have been turned away and sent back to an almost certain death. This is not the America I know.