February 1st, 2017


The new textbook is here! The new textbook is here!

So we are somewhat unsatisfied with the textbook we adopted a few years ago, having given up a very good text for one that had a lot of bells and whistles. Bells and whistles meaning a lot of online add-ons like virtual simulations and adaptive testing stuff. That stuff is good, but the textbook itself is dense and hard to understand. I hate it.

Anyway, we are reviewing other textbooks to see if there is a better one out there that has similar bells and whistles. The publishers will send us a single copy, and we pass it around to take a look. One of my colleagues put a new one on my desk this morning and I started thumbing through it.

Davis Text

It was love at first sight.

It is what I would write if I were going to write a nursing textbook. It explains things in a way students will understand, it connects the concepts to the underlying evidence, it has nice visuals, etc. It's the best nursing textbook I have ever seen. I spent the morning reading through the sections I teach, and it's all there.

The only downside is that the bells and whistles aren't as spectacular as some of the other texts, but I am sold. I will make it my life's work to ensure that we choose this text as our next medical surgical book.

As I posted a picture of a textbook sitting open on my desk, I realized that I am not going for technical excellence in photography this year--I'm just telling stories.

big dig

I took a walk this morning over to the big dig. The big dig is a big ditch that currently runs across the campus. It is really the first step towards the demolition of our current building and the building of the new one. Apparently all the power for the surrounding buildings runs through our building, and they need to make that not be so before they can tear down our building.

I like big ditches. When I was a kid, they used to tear up the streets for whatever reason, and, unlike today where they cover everything up at the end of the day, they just left a big open ditch. My friends and I used to climb down in them and see if we could find treasures like pieces of rebar. I'm glad I grew up when I did.
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