March 3rd, 2017


March 3--Water Feature, Part 2

I'm glad it is the end of the week. When I did shift work, the end of the week was ever-shifting. It could fall on any day of the week, or come twice in a week. When I finally got off shifts and went to a Monday-Friday schedule, I didn't know what to do with it. I missed having days off during the week. I still miss that, but since I get off before 2 pm most days, it is not much of a gripe. But now Fridays mean something. I can exhale and relax.

Our friend is getting married on Sunday. She's the one who came from Thailand and was Malida's friend before we met. She is the one who introduced me to Malida. They invited us to the wedding. It was kind of a last minute deal. They had planned to get married at Lake Tahoe a few weeks ago, but the storms closed the roads, so now it is Sunday. They mentioned that they had not been able to find someone to officiate, so I volunteered, as I am still able to do that. I'll wear a suit, even though I hate wearing suits. It is at 9 am. There will be cake and champagne. Malida just texted me and told me I am also responsible for bringing the coffee. Ok.

water feature

I was sitting out in the healing garden this morning. It is a nice spot between the old and new hospital buildings, with some trees and a nice water feature. It is one of my favorite spots when it is not raining. There were a couple of little kids running around out there this morning. It's good that there is a place for kids to run around. They were standing looking at the pool, and one kid asked the other, "what would happen if I jumped in?"

The other kid didn't even pause, "The sharks would eat you!"
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