March 7th, 2017


March 7--Noisy sunrise

As I was driving out this morning, the sun was just beginning to come up behind the little park at the end of our street. It's aways one of my favorite things to see in the morning for a few brief days before daylight savings time steals it away from me. I stopped to take a picture and recalled that I had posted a similar picture about a year ago. I looked back and it was February 29th last year--our anniversary.

I woke up super early today--before 5 am. I was planning to wake up at 5:45, but got up and went into work early and got caught up on a bunch of stuff before my lecture at 8. I lectured for about 5 hours today. One of my longest days of the semester. I feel bad for the students to have to sit through all that. The tradeoff is that they get Mondays off, which I am sure no one wants to give up.

This evening I spent about 3 hours researching everything I could find about diabetes in the Hmong community. I have already seen much of the information I came across, or at least the studies that are out there, but there were other things I hadn't paid attention to the first time around. I made a big list of people to talk to. This is the reboot of my project. This time, I will start at the center of it and work my way out, which is the opposite of what I did the first time. I also spent a little time looking at potential grant funding, and dreaming what I could accomplish with $100,000.

My boss stopped me in the hall today and told me she had talked to her boss about the issues I was having with my project, and wanted me to know that the college wants to support me in any way possible, including giving me some away time to work on it if I need to. I don't think I will need it, but I sure appreciate their willingness to support me.

noisy sunrise

Lots of camera noise. This is one of the things I have noticed about using the iPhone 6 camera in low light conditions. Maybe you had to be there.
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