March 8th, 2017



We had our second exam today. The second one is always more difficult than the first, but the students did pretty well overall. Nome of my questions turned out to be funky, which is good.

After the test was all taken care of, I headed off toward the hospital so my students could select their patients for tomorrow. On the way I stopped at the county clerk's office to turn in the completed marriage certificate from the wedding on Sunday. I messed on up once, so I like to take it in and make sure everything is ok. Everything was ok.

When I got back to my car, parked on a residential street a few blocks away, it wouldn't start. I kind of sensed that it started "funny" this morning. I guess I was right. I called roadside assistance, and walked around the neighborhood while waiting.

The guy who came was the battery guy. He fooled with it for a while, and shared that he didn't think it was the battery. His best guess was the starter. He fooled around some more, and hit the starter with a metal rod a few times, just in case. He says that sometimes that will get it to start. Not this time, so he called the tow guy.

Meanwhile my students were selecting their patients and sending me texts. That part worked out just fine.

I waited for the tow guy to come and walked around some more. It was a lovely day, sunny, with temperatures in the mid 60s. It felt like spring.

The tow guy got the car all hooked up and drove me to the dealership. It has been years since I have been a passenger in a tow truck. I think the last time was in the mid 90s when the transmission gave out one my first wife's van up on the coast highway.

The dealership took the car and gave me a ride home. I felt fortunate that this did not happen on a day I needed to be somewhere. Malida is off tomorrow, so I will use her car, and hopefully my car is fixed by the afternoon. I'm pretty sure it will be.

bye bye car!
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