March 9th, 2017


March 9--Smart-heart

The car repair guy called me this morning to tell me that they thought it was just the battery that needed to be replaced, and that the starter and all that stuff seemed to be ok. Good news. They also did the 60,000 check that was a few miles overdue, and found that some expensive bushing thing was leaking. The good news was that it was covered by an extended warranty. So all I had to pay was for the battery and the routine service. Could have been way worse.

I'll have a substitute taking my clinical group next week while I am in New Orleans. She will be coming by tomorrow and I will show her around. At this point, the students are pretty much working with the RNs and don't need me for much of anything. No one is having any particular problems, other than the stress that goes with the last semester of nursing school.

After I picked up the car this afternoon, I came home and had a refreshing nap, where one of my friends appeared in my dream talking nonsense. I wanted to remember what she was saying so I could tell her, but I have forgotten. years ago I kept a dream journal next to my bed, and would wake up an write in it, but none of it made sense. Now I just enjoy the experience.

smart heart

A drawing on a whiteboard in the break room that sits between the cardiac telemetry and neurology units.
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