March 22nd, 2017


March 22--Red orb

We had our third exam of the semester today. Everyone did pretty good. We test in another building, as our computer lab isn't big enough to accommodate our class. So we trudge across campus to the business building. The testing lab is right next door to the classroom where I took my first photography class 11 years ago. I walk past the classroom and remember sitting in there with my old Pentax film camera.

There is one picture I took outside the business building that I remember clearly. It is of the other people in my class and my instructor, with all their cameras pointed at me. As I was (and am) fairly introverted, it was both frightening and exhilarating. I never saw any of their images of this moment, only my own.

pointing in my direction

This campus holds a lot of memories for me.

It rained pretty hard this morning, and is supposed to rain on and off all week. By the time the test was done, the rain had let up a bit, and it was a nice walk back to the nursing building.

looking down

I looked down, but am not as good at looking down as other people. And there's my foot up in the corner. I've had these old Rockport shoes for years. I need to replace them, but the are so darn comfortable. I tried wearing another pair of shoes to my clinical day once, and my feet really hurt after the 14,000 or so steps I count when I am in the hospital. I'll probably end up getting a new pair just like these.
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