March 23rd, 2017


March 23--One more day

Tomorrow is the last day of regular clinical experience for my students (and for me). After tomorrow they begin their preceptorships, where they are paired up with a nurse and work with them until the end of the semester. It came early this year because of spring break falling in the middle of it. Ok with me. After tomorrow I won't have to get up at 5 am again until the fall, unless I have to get up at 5 am for something else, like a flight to somewhere interesting.

Usually on the last day of clinical I take the students out for lunch, but I have so much going on this week that I don't have the time. Maybe I can do it before the end of the semester.

I was super tired after work today, but had to stop back at the office to do some paperwork. I took a nap when I got home, then had something to eat. After I ate I wanted to take another nap, but decided to read for a while instead. I'm still tired, but it is almost bedtime and I am looking forward to that.

Wisteria Blossoms

I looked down again, and managed to keep my foot out of the shot. Actually, I like this shot a lot. It is wisteria blossoms in a fountain at the edge of the hospital grounds. The fountain is a Ingress portal. I like to sit out there sometimes.

Whenever I see wisteria in bloom, I am reminded of one of my ICU coworkers who would sometimes make unusual nursing notes. One time we had a patient who had a bad listeria infection, and she charted, "Patient has wisteria". Another time she described necrotic toes as looking like "tiny shriveled up little raisins," which they did, but we aren't supposed to describe body parts as food. She always wore a flower over her right ear (not a wisteria blossom). I miss reading her notes.
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