March 25th, 2017


March 25--Diatomaceous Earth, Coffee Grounds, and Copper

It was a nice relaxing day today. I got to sleep in until about 8:30, then got up and read for a while. I didn't have any real chores to do, other than figure out how to keep the snails from overrunning the garden.

I went out and looked at the garden. Malida has been working out there planting flowers, strawberries and herbs. It looks pretty good. She found an old wooden pallet and turned it into a planter box. I am planning to get a half wine barrel and grow some potatoes in it. Maybe do some other stuff as well. We were going to have the backyard landscaped, but I think we are going to wait another year.

malida's flowers

Malida's flowers.

We toss peanuts out for the squirrels every once in a while, and they bury them in the flower beds, often disrupting the flowers. It's all part of the great cycle of life, I guess. The squirrels entertain the cats, the cats keep us happy, we feed the squirrels, and they dig up our plants.

I looked up ways to discourage snails. Most of the ways I found involve either killing them outright, or gathering them up and tossing them over the fence into the neighbor's yard. I ended up reading the Wikipedia article about diatomaceous earth.

I have been aware of diatomaceous earth as far back as I can remember, but knew little or nothing about it, other than it wasn't dirt. It seems to have a variety of interesting uses. It serves as an abrasive in toothpaste, as an insecticide (and molluscicide, I guess), an ingredient in cat litter, an activator in blood clotting, and a stabilizing agent in dynamite. Boom!

In the afternoon I worked on an assignment. I read some interesting articles about critical access hospitals. They are generally small district hospitals that receive extra funding so they can stay open. For the assignment, I developed a profile on the nursing staff of a fictional critical access hospital, and the issues the nursing staff faced. I enjoyed the exercise. Tomorrow I will meet with my small group and we will put together our group assignment.

I made tempura for dinner this evening. It was delicious going down, but a bit heavy later on. Malida says, "Let's not try that again".
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