March 28th, 2017


March 28--Peau D'Orange

I started to feel like I could get caught up at work today. I didn't have a lecture in the morning, and got a lot of stuff done. Since I don't have to go to clinical for the rest of the semester, this week is the beginning of the downhill slide toward summer break.

I answered some emails I was putting off, and posted my lecture notes for tomorrow. I fixed a preceptorship issue. I looked at Facebook. I took my lunch to the park across the street from the college and talked to myself about all the new greenery sprouting up all over. I spoke the word "nascent" out loud, and then wondered what it meant. I realized that while talking to myself, I used a word I didn't know, which was kind of strange. I looked up, "nascent", and found it appropriate. I made a Facebook entry about it.

I had a rare afternoon lecture with the 3rd semester students. Back when I first started teaching here, the 3rd semester Med-Surg teacher asked if anyone could take a couple of her lectures. She is the Department Chair and does all sorts of other things, in addition to being my officially designated mentor. So I offered to take a few of them, and have now been teaching them for about 3 years. Breast & prostate cancer and HIV. I like both lectures, and it gives me an opportunity to get to know the class I will have next semester.

I almost always have some connection with someone in the class, and this class was no exception. One of the students is the sister-in-law of someone I trained in the ICU years ago.

In 3rd semester lectures, the students are assigned to give a short presentation at the beginning of the class. I love watching them present. Some are really good, others not so much, but it is always nice to see teaching in its infancy.

The presenters for this class talked about the concept of "breast cancer fatigue" which is a condition that affects breast cancer survivors. At the end of their presentation, they passed around a bag with some treats for the students. I didn't pay much attention, as I was cueing up my own presentation.


In addition to chocolate, they passed out small tigers and zebras and giraffes and such. As I was talking, I noticed these animals on the desks. By the time I noticed, there were none left for me. I was bummed that I didn't get one. I'm failing all of them next semester.
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