March 30th, 2017


March 30--The damn wind keeps blowing

It has been really windy here the past few days. Combined with all the booming stuff and pollens, it makes me cranky and miserable. I used to warn my students about getting on my nerves on windy days. I have to take zyrtec and I get a headache. I don't like windy days. They make me cranky. Got it?

I didn't have clinical today, so I worked from home. I wrote a bunch of test questions and did some tutorials on the new student learning platform we are adopting next semester. I like working at home because I have two big monitors and can put all my lecture stuff up and see what I talked about when I am making exam questions.

I knocked off in the afternoon to finish the assignment for school that we had to present later in the afternoon. I took a nap for a while, but was awakened by Malida singing to one of the cats. The wind makes her cranky too, but she tends to direct it at me. I just let it roll over me. I've learned.

After my school presentation, which went well, I made spaghetti. It was simple spaghetti without meatballs, but good. After dinner I went for a walk in the neighborhood. It was windy, but it felt good to get out a bit.

I'll go in to the hospital tomorrow to meet with some students and their preceptors, and sort out the parking situation at the hospital. We got an email this week telling us that the place where the students had been parking was closing, as of this weekend, and they don't have another place for them to park.

mushrooms and onions

Mushrooms and onions sautéing for my simple spaghetti sauce.
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