March 31st, 2017


March 31--The day before April

It was windy again, but there was no one to be cranky at so I had a pretty good day. I went in the office early and was pretty much the only person on my side of the building. I worked on stuff for a while and then headed over to the hospital to check in on my students. After that I came back to the campus for a class.

The class is an introduction to the new classroom software we are switching over to in the fall. I played around with it yesterday when I was writing test questions, but I don't know how to set up a new class or anything. It was only me in the class, which is what I expected and hoped for. I got to ask the questions I wanted to know the answers to.

The instructor was a guy I had seen around. He kind of looks like someone out of the 70s. Long hair, corduroy jacket with leather patches at the elbows. Anyway, he was happy to have someone enthusiastic about the software, and we spent an hour fooling around with it. The teacher interface is intuitive, and easy to figure out. I will enjoy spending the summer putting our course site together.

The class was held in the Learning Resource Center, which is what they call the library now. When I was a student here, I spent hours and hours in the old library. I loved it--big high windows and dark wood, with aisle after aisle of books. It was the place to cool off in the summer heat. Since I was renting a room in someone's house when I was in school. it was the perfect place to study.

The new library is three stories tall, and while it has its own charm, it's not the same as the old one. I hardly ever come in here, except for the occasional meeting.

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