April 11th, 2017


April 12--Home again, home again

big river beach with the high tide going out

Big River Beach, just down below where we stay.

We had lovely weather for the couple of days we were in Mendocino, and it rained just as we were getting ready to leave. It was so relaxing to hear the rain hit the roof last night, with the windows slightly open to let in the fresh air and the sounds of the ocean below us. I love that place.

We went for a walk on the beach this morning before taking off. The only other person out there was a guy collecting big pieces of driftwood. I imagine him taking them home and doing some sort of art with them. But maybe it's just firewood.

It drizzled most of the way home, but didn't bother my driving--just made things prettier along the way. We had some delicious dessert wine last night and stopped at the winery it came from to get a bottle for the day we decide to serve dessert wine at home.

Even though it is spring break, I have all sorts of work-related stuff to do this week, including a bunch of student/preceptor visits at the hospital tomorrow. I also have a tutoring presentation to prepare, a course outline to write, and the minutes from our last faculty meeting to type up. It's great being a teacher, because you get so much time off!
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