April 15th, 2017


April 15--There's a kid who had a big hallucination

It was a nice saturday. Malida left for work at 4:30, and I rolled over and slept until about 7:30. I had no hospital visits or other work related stuff, so I actually had the day off. I had no definite plan for the day, but I looked at Facebook and saw a recipe for meatballs, and that became my plan.

I made a shopping list and headed out. I decide to take a walk in the park first, but the park was having some sort of easter thing and was packed with people, so I walked along the creek, which was a much better choice.

It was a lovely day, other than all the pollen floating around. At one point I wished I had brought my inhaler with me, but I survived, lol. There were a lot of people out enjoying the day.


Proof of life.

After the walk I went to the store and bought meatball stuff. I cam home and put on Jesus Christ Superstar (the original Broadway cast recording), which has been an Easter Saturday tradition for me as far back as I can remember. It is really the only Easter-related tradition I observe these days.

As I listened to the recording I made my meatballs. Unlike my normal meatballs, where I just grab some out of the bowl, I used an ice cream scoop to size these. I baked them rather than fried them.

They were pretty good, but I like my meatball recipe better. No harm in trying something new, though. I'm gonna use that ice cream scoop next time--it worked pretty well.


After I made the meatballs and ate a few of them, I took a nap, When I awoke, I found that one of the cats had managed to wrestle a meatball out of the bowl on the counter, dragged it across the counter, and dropped it down to the floor. Then they dragged it across the floor for a bit and chewed on it. Once they were done, they walked into the bedroom and barfed on the carpet. It had to be Chocko. I don't think Mook has the brains to pull off something like that.
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