April 19th, 2017


April 19--Big Boy: 2

We had a test today and it went well. I had very little content on this test, so I went back to the office and looked at the calendar. It is 28 days until summer break. I'm so done.

I got off at about 2 and played Ingress for a while. I had a portal that I had been able to hold on to for 119 days, and someone smashed it today, so I went out and smashed a bunch of his stuff and made green triangles. That's how it goes sometimes. the portal I held onto for so long was at the end of a small road--a horse ranch. I never even knew it was there except I saw the portal on a map once. At the end of the day I went out and re-captured it. Just because.

While I was out there, I was surprised to find a Bob's Big Boy standing across from where they groom the horses. I don't remember seeing it last time I was out there, 119 days ago. It looks to be in pretty good shape. It's the second one I have come across this year. There is another one up in the foothills outside of the town of Jackson. Two Big Boys still are two less than the four Doggie Diner heads I have come across.

Big Boy
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