April 22nd, 2017


April 22--Life's a long song

I got up fairly early to work on what is my final assignment for this semester. There are actually four assignments due this weekend. One is a two-page reflective paper. Easy. One is to take a screenshot of something. Super easy. The third is to complete a QSEN informatics evaluation. Easy.

The fourth assignment is to take a data package and run statistical analyses on it in Excel. Difficult until I figured out how to do it.

My classmates and I had a phone conference at 8 this morning to talk about the assignment and walk each other through it. We have been doing this on Saturday mornings almost since we started the program. We use the nursing department's conference line. We call it "Saturday coffee". It's about half assignment stuff and half just talking about whatever.

Since I am dropping out of this cohort after this class and entering the realm of independent study until next spring, this will likely be my last "Saturday Coffee". I savored it. I'm sad that I won't be able to journey on with them, but relieved that I will have the time to make my project workable. Bittersweet I think they call it.

After the phone call I finished the statistical analysis (piece of cake) and most of the other stuff. All that is left is the two page paper. I'll write that in the morning and submit the whole package and be done. This has been a long semester, and I am glad it is over.

Malida and I went out to the noodle place for lunch. Sarah, our favorite server, told us that she went hiking over the spring break. She was pretty excited about it. I think she has spent most of her life in town, and is just now venturing out to see what the larger world holds. Whenever I tell her about places I am going to visit, she always makes a note on her order pad.

She told us about encountering a cow on the trail. It was the first time she had ever seen a cow close up, and she thought it was kind of intimidating. She figured it must be a wilderness cow, since it was out on the trail. Gotta watch out for those wild cows.

After lunch I dropped Malida off and went to my office to retrieve my thumb drive that I left there yesterday. It holds everything--all my lectures, my notes, all my semester paperwork. I back it up pretty often, but worry about losing it.

I needed something off it to send one of my colleagues. It is for our presentation about our trip to New Orleans that we took last month. We will present to the faculty on Monday. We will be the leads for this project, and we need to convince the faculty to be on board for it. Hopefully everyone else thinks it is as interesting as we do.

Interestingly, I was thinking about all the group projects I have had to do in my graduate programs, and how much I hated them. I realize now that it was preparation for doing stuff like this--leading actual projects. I have learned to deal with all sorts of personality types and be diplomatic when I really wanted to explode. Nothing is wasted.

Mook again

Mook helps me figure it all out. Malida said Mook was kind of dumb, but I know better.
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