April 23rd, 2017


April 23--Russian bananas

chocko happy

Chocko sitting with Malida. While Mook spends most of her time around me, Chocko stays glued to Malida. I hardly ever see Chocko in my office unless she wants something or wants to look out the window. Most of the time, when we are both home, Chocko is curled around wherever Malida is sitting.

I got up early today and typed out my final assignment for the semester while texting one of my classmates. We compared notes on what we were writing about and whether we were going to use a cover page (hell no). I whipped it out in about 35 minutes and submitted everything. After I submitted, I realized that there was actually another week in the semester, and most of the stuff I had just submitted wasn't due until next week. Out of the way!

I talked to my dad. He is having a pacemaker put in tomorrow. He's a little nervous about it, but I am sure he will be fine. He had an episode the other day where his heart rate dropped to the 30s, which is too low, so I am glad about the pacemaker. My sister will take I'm in tomorrow and my other sister will take him home.

My work colleagues and I emailed our powerpoint presentation back and forth until we had it the way we liked it. We seem to work well together, even though we are all strong personalities. I am looking forward to our presentation tomorrow.

I am experimenting with fingerling potatoes. I had some the other day and decided to incorporate them into today's Sunday dinner. They turned out great and had a nice flavor. I still have half a bag, so will do some more experimenting later this week. The potatoes are called "Russian Banana" potatoes.

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