April 28th, 2017


April 28--We've Only Just Begun

One of my friends posted a picture on her Facebook the other day from her wedding 4 years ago. Not sure why, since it isn't their anniversary. Anyway, it is a picture I took, and I hadn't seen it since I gave them their pictures way back when. I was surprised by how much I like it.

I stopped doing wedding photography a couple of years ago. I'm not good at the business side of photography. I never know what to charge, and I am terrible at getting things to people within a reasonable timeframe. There is also a pressure to "get" certain shots, and that creates a tension between being creative and getting what you think people want to have. It can be stressful.

These guys were great. They pretty much said shoot what you want. They wanted to have fun, and they did. At the end of the evening, the bride jumped into the pool in her wedding gown, followed by the entire wedding party.


This shot was in the evening after the blistering sun went down. It was a little bit staged, but mostly spontaneous. Click.


Usually Fridays during preceptorship are really quiet for me--most of the time I don't even go in, unless I have to see a student. Today was not quiet. I had all sorts of stuff to do. I went in at about 9 to attend another training session for the new course management software we are starting in the fall. I had spent some time yesterday mapping out how I wanted the course information to look, and loaded all the course content on a thumb drive. Which I left at home with all my other stuff.

Anyway, I was able to recreate some of it before the class and was able to learn how to organize my information. Unlike the other classes, this was pretty much come in with your stuff and set it up in an environment where there are people to help.

I had to leave at 10 to participate in an interview with a guy who wants to teach with us next semester. It was a good interview. I haven't had to participate in an interview for more than 10 years, since I left the ICU educator job. I forgot how nervous interviewees can be.

After the interview I went to the hospital to see my students, then came back and finished the class. I was able to set up my course site and put in a lot of the content. Once you figure it out, it is pretty intuitive. The facilitators were sufficiently impressed with my grasp of the software to bestow "super user" status upon me. I am humbled.

Interestingly, one of the guys who was facilitating the class is the son of some friends of mine. I was ordained with his dad, who is still a deacon. His mom had told me a while back that he worked at the college and wondered if I knew who he was. After I got home I sent a message to her to tell her I had finally met him and what a nice guy he was. She told me he had emailed her to tell her he had met me, and what a nice guy I was. Lol.


Some flowers in a planter bed between the library and my office. It felt good to have such a positive and productive week.
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