April 30th, 2017


April 30--Casa Tortuga

Casa Tortuga

A new sign on a fence along the creek trail, just across from where the turtles sun themselves. I love it! It was a beautiful sunny day today, and plenty of turtles out enjoying it. We had our usual walk along the creek, then our usual noodles, then our usual Sunday shopping.

Years ago, when I was traveling in the Southwest, I bought a small stone turtle for my grandmother. I brought it to her after the trip, and as she held it in the palm of her hand, she said very slowly, "tortuga", and smiled. She told me that turtles represent long life. She was in her 80s then, and would live into her 90's so I guess she was right.

While we were shopping, Malida discovered that they make 7oz bottles of Corona beer. She likes to drink beer when she eats spicy Thai food, but can't finish a 12 oz bottle. Seven ounces seems to be just about right.


A little corona, papaya salad (with cilantro grown in our garden), and crispy chicken skin.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to talk with the director of my doctoral program to determine my next steps. What I am thinking is some independent study over the summer, and maybe doing another class in the fall before I join the next cohort in the spring. She may have other ideas. We'll see. I'm a little anxious about this.

I also have my tenure evaluation with the director of the nursing program. I still have another year before tenure, so this is just a stop along the way. I'm not at all anxious about this.
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