May 1st, 2017


May 1--Black Tie sans Tails

We had a retirement celebration this morning for one of our colleagues. She teaches in the first semester. The person who coordinated it decorated everything in black and white, and insisted that everyone wear black bow ties. Not sure why. Anyway, I declined and got the stink eye.

There was some food and a delicious cake. All the old-timers told stories, many of which I had never heard. I enjoyed it. People kept asking the retiree what her plans were, and she kept telling them she didn't have any. I liked that. Make your plan when you wake up that morning.

My conference with the doctoral director went well. I will be on independent study over the summer and accumulate project hours. She is going to give me some objectives to complete. One objective is to go up to Alaska and see how the Tribal Health Service trains its community health workers. Their program is very similar to what I am doing, and she knows people up there. So that would be cool.

I will do independent study again in the fall, and then rejoin the next cohort in the spring. Pretty much what I had hoped for.

I also had my tenure-track evaluation today. They basically said, "We love you!" and that was it. I got my nice binder with my self-study back, and will have another eval in the fall. I think I get tenure next May. I should look into that. Academic freedom, baby!

Tomorrow I begin the last of my lectures for the semester--the beloved kidney lectures. It is one of the high points of every semester. Both because I really do love these lectures, and because they are the last ones. Hello Kidney!

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