May 2nd, 2017


May 2--The Silence of the Cats

Mook is about 6 1/2 years old. For most of that time she has been a relatively silent cat. She has rarely meowed, and when she did, it was really soft. Mostly she just growls at UPS trucks that pass by, and purrs. Chocko, on the other hand, meows all the time. Time to eat? Meow Meow. Time for crunchies? Meow Meow. Time to get up? Meow Meow. My theory is that because Chocko has consistently made their needs known, Mook has seen no need to speak up.

I also considered that maybe she had some physiological issue that keeps her from meowing, or at least meowing effectively, but I don't think so now.

Last year we started giving them some wet food every other day to supplement the dry food that they normally eat. They love the wet food and ask for it every day, even if it is not wet food day. This occurs around the same time we are making our dinner. Once they see us cooking, they come into the kitchen where their food bowl is, and Chocko starts meowing.

Lately, if I wait a few minutes before giving them their food, Mook has started meowing too. It's still very soft, but I could hear it. So I instituted the rule that they both have to ask for wet food before I give it to them. Now Mook meows all the time when it is time for food.

She was sitting on the dining room table the other day, and as I passed by, she meowed at me. I stopped, and all she wanted was to be scratched behind the ears. I'm not sure why she waited 6 years to talk.

Yesterday, Malida was in the kitchen, and the cats were there watching her. All of a sudden, Chocko started to bat Mook with her paw. It's not unusual--they do that a lot to each other. What was different this time is that Mook let out what can only be described as a blood-curdling scream. It was so loud that I heard it from my office on the other side of the house. I though she was hurt and ran out to see what was going on. Malida said that Chocko didn't even hit Mook. Mook just decided to scream. I don't think I have ever heard anything like it from a cat.

table cats

Not today, but a day like today

In other news, I got a summons for jury duty. It is during the time we will be in Yosemite, so I asked for alternate dates, and got the week after. I don't mind being on jury duty. Both times I was on a jury it was interesting, and I wouldn't mind doing it again. It helps that I have the summer off and have time to do it.
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