May 3rd, 2017


May 3--that "new office smell"

I had my last lecture of the semester today. At the end, I gave the students a little pep talk about their future as nurses, and they gave me a round of applause. That was nice. I always try to save some time at the end for that, so I don't end the semester on the side effects of immunosuppressant medications used in transplant patients (diarrhea).

After we were done, a handful of students came in to talk about their futures and ask if I would write them a letter of reference. I am almost always happy to. Generally, if there is a student who I won't write one for, they already sense the futility of asking, and don't bother.

We got a report from the third semester about the incoming students. They are limited in what they can tell us, as to protect the rights of the students, and I only want to hear a brief summary. I don't like to start with preconceived notions about them, as they often turn out to be wrong. There is one student who I am already familiar with, from hearing him talk in the hall outside my office. I call him "Man Bun". I just know he will end up in my clinical group.

After lunch the entire faculty walked across campus to see our "new" offices and classrooms that we will move into at the end of this semester so they can tear our building down and build the new one. Our new home is in a series of temporary buildings on the north side of the campus. They were supposed to be ready for us to start moving in next week.

Uhhh, no.

One of the rooms has no flooring, and the rest aren't too much better. They look like abandoned buildings. They smell like a cross between clove, and something a bit more sinister.

They now tell us that they will be ready for us to move the 25th of May, a week after we leave for summer break. They then amended that on the fly. That's the day our modular furniture arrives. It will take three days to assemble the furniture, then we can move our stuff over.

So, the 29th then? Well, no, because they will still need to install the data drops and power for our computers and such. Maybe the first week of June. I am just hoping it is before the next semester starts at the end of August. On the upside, the classroom I will use is fairly intact, has a window, and the IT guy told me he thought he could put in a ceiling mounted projector. That would be awesome.

the new office

My desk is somewhat to the right of that door leaning against a post. I can't wait!
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