May 7th, 2017


May 7--Badger, badger, mushroom....ooohhh a snake!

I started out this post with a different paragraph about a street I drove down for the first time in a long time, and all the things that I could remember, but were no longer there, but it sounded kind of boring, so I started over, and essentially wrote the same thing, only with this explanation. Progress.

Yesterday when we were at the Western Festival, we met a writer who has written some books about the history of our area. I met her years ago at the State Fair, and mentioned that to her and she seemed pleased. As we were walking away, Malida said she wanted to go back and ask her a question. So she did. The question she asked was, "How do you become a writer?"

The woman had a simple answer; "Start writing."

I liked that.

She went on to suggest that Malida start writing about things that she knows about--the stories of her life. I liked that too. I love this creative exercise of putting a few words down and telling stories about my daily life. It's not profound, and doesn't have to be.

It was another perfect spring day today with temperatures in the low 70s. The jasmine is in bloom, and there is a sweet smell in the air. The bees are delighted. I fooled with the automatic sprinkler system for a while to make sure it is working well. I thought about growing some potatoes in a wine barrel.


The apple tree we planted last spring has lots and lots of little apples.

We had lunch at the Korea BBQ place. It's been more than a month since we've been there. You can get saturated. We had a new server who was right on top of everything. We did some shopping on the way home, then relaxed for a while. I cooked some chicken to be the best supporting actor in a chicken caesar salad.

After I cooked, we went out for a walk. Because the park was still crowded with the festival, we decided to walk in our neighborhood. The south end of our neighborhood borders a light industrial area, which is deserted on the weekend. We walked down that way and along a street with buildings on one side and an empty field on the other.

As we were walking along, Malida wondered out loud if there were any animals in the high grass of the field. I happened to look down at that moment and said, "like that snake?"

There was a pretty big snake sitting on the dirt next to the sidewalk taking in the sun. Malida jumped into the street. I kept walking. The snake kept sunning itself. I'm not sure what kind of snake it was, but it didn't look like the poisonous kind, just big. I opted not to go back and take a picture.

the street
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