May 9th, 2017


May 9--Benediction

The day started out good. I had to get up a little early so I could be there by 6:30 to prepare for my class tutoring session at 8:30. I listened to music while I reviewed the material, and sipped a cup of coffee. Generally it's only me and one of the first semester instructors there that time of morning, but there were all sorts of people, probably because we are so close to the end of the semester and there is so much to do.

I did my tutoring session. I like tutoring. Because it is the entire class, it is more of a concept review. I do it before every exam, and a big one before the final. I try to tie everything together and make the connection between multiple systems. So the principles of fluid and solute movement the learned in Fluids and Electrolytes are now connected to how dialysis works. And so on.

After the tutoring session, all the other instructors came in and we gave out student awards for the semester. We have all sorts of awards. Some of them have money attached, some just get a certificate. I generally don't look at the students when we are announcing the awards for the same reason I avert my eyes when the call out the winner of the Academy Awards. I don't want to see the faces of the people who though it might be them, but it isn't.

After the awards I went back to my office and finished up tomorrow's exam. I felt a creeping sense of crankiness and bad mood settling over me, for no discernible reason. I had a lot more stuff to do, but I needed to go, so I did. I picked up some lunch and came home. Malida was there and wanted to talk about whatever, but I was in no mood to listen, so I ate and took a nap.

After the nap I got up and watched the news about James Comey. I rarely watch tv news, but when I do, I like to see it from different perspectives, and evaluate how the coverage differs from one network to another. I remind myself that the truth generally lies somewhere between the two, and I evaluate them both critically. In my mind, I make the counter-argument to whatever it is they are saying. Then I turn the tv off.

I was still in a bad mood, but we decided to go for a walk at about 7 pm, after it started cooling a bit to the low 80s. We walked the same route as the other day, but no snakes. After I got home I discovered that my bad mood had been left by the side of the road, and I was grateful.


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