May 11th, 2017


May 11--3 working days until summer break!

My crabby mood finally went away and enjoyed the day. I got in early to prep for my marathon 3 1/2 hour comprehensive tutoring session that started at 8:30. I prepared about two hours of concept review, an hour long comprehensive case study, where this poor patient gets every disease process we studied, and a half-hour for questions.

Our normal classroom was taken, so we were in the same classroom the students had their first day of nursing school in. They loved the idea that their first and last days were in the same room. Interestingly, it was the same classroom that I had my first day of class in nursing school. And, since we are moving out, it will be my last time in that room.

The students made a nice breakfast potluck, and we spent the first ten minutes of the tutoring discussing which foods would be prohibited in a renal diet and a cardiac diet. One student made delicious homemade pot stickers, and another brought in the most delicious steamed pork buns I have ever had. Neither are part of a renal diet.

At our break, one of my students asked if she could make an announcement. I said sure. The announcement turned out to be about me. My students had taken up a collection and made a donation to the local Hmong heritage association in my name. I thought that was so awesome. The also had a small gift for me and a card. They wanted me to open the gift in front of the class. Here is what it was:

wooden me

When I first looked at it, I thought, "Awww, a little nurse guy." Then I noticed that there was a Hello Kitty, and I thought, "Awww--Hello Kitty!"

Finally it dawned on me that it was me! Me in my lab coat and stethoscope, with my Hello Kitty lunch box that I keep all my lecture stuff in (clicker thing, keys to the AV cabinet, dry erase markers, and a tiny Hello Kitty keychain). It's even shaped like me. I love it!

I was thinking about heading out after the tutoring session, but was in a good mood and decided to knock a few things off my to-do list. I managed to get all but two things done. Yay! I have to go in tomorrow and do the rest, but it is a downhill slide from here on out. We have final exams on Monday morning, final evaluations Monday afternoon, pinning on Tuesday morning, and done!
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