May 15th, 2017


May 15--Finals

Overheard in the hall as I was walking through a random building on campus today: "If I had studied, I probably would have done a whole lot better."


There is always a different energy during finals week. You can feel it. A lot of nervous energy. People all over the campus with their heads stuck in notebooks and books. Not a lot of random chatter. I remember that from when I was a student. I loved taking tests, but I was always a bit nervous until I sat down and actually started taking it.

We had our final across campus in the business building. For the first time in the semester, the computers worked flawlessly, and we had no issues. Everyone passed the final and the course, which was a relief to them, and to us. I had my office window open when I posted the grades, and I could hear the students reacting out in the quad. That was pretty cool.

After we entered grades, the students came back and I gave them their final evals for the program. I have gotten a lot better at writing final evaluations the past year or so. I have learned to make them more personal, and identify each person's unique strengths. I had one student who really struggled early on, but worked so hard to overcome the obstacles and succeed. As I was talking to her, tears came to my eyes. She worked so hard for this. That makes it worthwhile for me.

Tomorrow we will have the pinning ceremony, where they are welcomed into the profession of nursing. I am the Emcee for the event, which I have totally not prepared for. We have practice in the morning, so I can prepare then.

Normally I would take off after evals, but I had yet another meeting across campus for this event we are putting on next weekend. Fortunately, all the loose ends seem to be tying up, and I think it will be a great event.

I will spend the rest of the week, closing up shop at the old building and getting stuff ready for the next semester. Saturday is the all-day conference, and the Sunday we head out to Yosemite for a few days of relaxation. Ahhhhhh.

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