May 16th, 2017


May 16--Hello Kitty says...

It was a lovely pinning ceremony--probably one of the best I have attended. The speeches were heartfelt, the emotions were real. We even got a surprise visit from the new College President, who came on stage and talked about the importance of nursing.

My favorite part is getting to introduce my clinical group and seeing their families come up and pin them. I also get to read a statement they write thanking the people in their lives. It is generally the first time we meet their families, and get to learn a bit more about their lives. At the other place I taught, we had a family night at the beginning of the program and could meet the families and tell them a little about what their loved one would be going through.

I dug out a picture of my mom pinning me on the same stage 28 years ago this week.


What I remember most about that day was that it was pretty much the first time my mom and my dad had been in the same room together since they were divorced. They seemed friendly enough. I also remember being glad that nursing school was over, which I think is a sentiment that I shared with the students today.

Tomorrow I will go in and go over the new student management system with my colleagues, file, pack up my stuff and move out of that office for the last time. I'll take some pictures.

Inexplicably, I took no pictures today, so here's a picture of a slice of limoncello cake Malida and I shared last week. It was delicious.

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