May 19th, 2017


May 19--The Floyds

I woke up just as Malida was leaving for work, at about a quarter to eight. My plan was to have some coffee, go have my car washed, and then go in to work to finish up and back up my computer. I checked my email and there was one from one of the coordinators of an event I am helping to coordinate at the college tomorrow.

The event is for those who want to pursue a health career. It is focused towards high schoolers and college kids. I have been on the planning committee, and am a speaker at one of the sessions, and in the past week or two kind of become a sort of key player by default, since I am the only faculty member left who is attending.

The email informed me that no one had secured AV access for the presenters in the classrooms we will be using, and what can we do about it. One day before the event.

So I sent an email to my dean, who is the event host, and made some suggestions. I thought about going right to the campus, but decided to stick with my original plan and get my car washed first. Now I have a clean car.

When I got there, the dean was standing outside, and he invited me to sit on a bench so we could figure it out. We did. I told him I thought this whole thing could have been better planned, and he explained that the people who are coordinating this conference are from a big university system, where all they have to do is express a desire to the ethos, and it magically appears. I liked that. We sure don't have it, but it explains a lot. Last summer I told the dean I wanted to know how things worked, and he hasn't disappointed.

After I talked with him I wandered over to the new buildings to see what was going on. There is a bunch of stuff being moved over, but it is all going into the one room that was somewhat ready. I saw no other activity.

the floyds

I saw a couple of our hospital beds with mannikins, sitting outside of the unfinished rooms, waiting for a new home. Back when I was at the other program I named these guys Floyd, so, collectively, at least to me, they are The Floyds.

When we do eventually move in, which is so far going to be June 1, we will be on the opposite end of the campus from where we are now. It will be a whole new environment. It will be far, far away from the burrito place across from the old building, but easy walking distance to the coffee place I have frequented since I was a student. Plus, we will have this as our neighbor:

water tank

It's one of the three big water towers in Sacramento. It holds 3 million gallons of water. The water is stored in the top third of the structure. I'm not sure what is below it. It is also an Ingress portal, and will become my new desk portal when I move.
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