May 22nd, 2017


May 22--Pictures and stuff

yosemite falls
Yosemite falls from across the meadow.

It was a spectacular morning. We left our hotel early so we could avoid the crowds, which we mostly did for the first part of the morning. We easily found a spot to park in our favorite place to park halfway between the Ahwahnee hotel and the village store.

We hiked around for a few hours, and then came back and had a picnic lunch of leftovers from last night's dinner, which was delicious all over again. After we ate, we went out hiking again, along the Merced River, which was as full as I have ever seen it.

merced river

We ended up at the same place we found the last time, which is a secluded spot along the river, under some trees. It is the perfect place to just sit and take it all in. Most people take the main trail about a quarter mile away, so we didn't see anyone around here. Which was perfect.

And the view?

half dome

We walked more than 8 miles, or 19,000 steps, if you're counting. We returned to the Ahwahnee, and had a beer in the bar. As my dad always said, "We may not be able to afford to stay there, but we can afford to drink there."

We headed out of the park at about 3:30, and got back to our hotel close to 5. We spent the balance of the afternoon out by (and in) the pool, before having dinner. Now we are both exhausted and ready for early bedtime.
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