June 3rd, 2017


June 3--Lamb Kabobs!

My only real accomplishment today was that I made lamb kabobs. I bought some lamb at Costco yesterday. I cut it up this morning, and had enough for the kabobs and another big hunk that I can grill later. I made a marinade with some mint and rosemary from our garden and let it sit for a while.

I did some grocery shopping for later in the week. The store was really crowded. That's why I like to shop during the week.

I grilled the lamb and made some basmati rice with herbs and raisins. It all turned out well. The only downside was that Malida got called into work, and she wasn't there to enjoy it (at least until she got home).

lamb kabobs

Tomorrow we are going to see a screening of The Godfather in a movie theater. I think it is the 45th anniversary of its release. It is probably my favorite film.

I first read the book when I was about 14. My mom had it, and I started reading it one day when I stayed home sick from school. I stayed home sick another two days so I could finish it.

I was 15 when the film came out. My friend Jim and I snuck into the theater to see it, because we weren't old enough to buy tickets. I can still remember walking out of the theater after seeing it and thinking it was the best thing I had ever seen.

I have it (and the sequels) on DVD, but I want to see it on the big screen again. Malida has never seen it, so this will be her first time. So that's our plan for tomorrow, after we have noodles.
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