June 8th, 2017


June 8--Under oath

I had thought about getting up early to watch the Senate hearings, but missed the first hour of it. The rest was somewhat fascinating. Malida was quite interested in it, and the fact that it can happen at all. Not like that in Thailand. We watched and had our coffee, and the cats were happy. It was rainy this morning, so just about perfect.

After the hearings I got dressed (in jeans and a shirt with lobsters) and went in to work to take care of a few things. My boss was there, just back from Tahiti, so we chatted about her trip for a while. I went to Tahiti for my first honeymoon back in 1993, courtesy of my parents, who disagreed with my idea to go camping. I remember it as being as close to paradise as any place I have visited, particularly the island of Moorea.

After work I went to the big hardware store to get some stuff to fix one of the kitchen drawers. Even though I am not much of a handyman, I think this job is well within my skill level. We'll know for sure tomorrow.

I played a couple of new albums for my music friends tonight. The highlight was a live concert with Mavis Staples and friends. I love listening to Mavis. She is a national treasure.

I made some unplanned chicken piccata (sans capers which I didn't have) with pan-roasted fingerling potatoes and asparagus for dinner. It was pretty delicious. I substituted lime juice for lemon, and it gave it a little twang. I got the idea for making the piccata from one of my friends who I was listening to music with, after he was talking about having made the same thing and posted some pictures that convinced me that's what I wanted to eat.


eta: I was able to register for my class without issue. I found out that the former student who clued me in to the class is also taking it, which is way cool. She is Hmong, and has offered to help me implement my project. I'll have someone to practice with.
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