June 11th, 2017


June 11-Big fluffy clowns

It almost looked like it was going to rain today, and I guess it did in some areas near us. One of my friends who lives up in the foothills reported some hail. We don't normally seen rain this time of year, so it was noteworthy.

The clouds brought a nice cool day. We went out and walked in the park this morning. Lots of people were setting up for picnics, and there were a bunch of baseball or softball tournaments going on. Interestingly, there were also all sorts of yellow-beaked magpies about. We see them all the time in the park, but they were all concentrated at the edges of the baseball diamonds, seemingly watching the games. I took a blurry and unusable picture of two of them sitting on a fence watching the action on the diamond.

We had some lunch and came home and napped for a bit before watching a dvd of The Godfather Part II. It's a long movie, and we took a break at the halfway point, so we didn't finish it until about 7 pm. Malida wanted to go right into Godfather III, but I convinced her to wait for another day. It's even longer, and not as good as the first two. As with the first film last week, I was struck by how well made this one was.

After cooking for the past three days, I had plenty of leftovers, so that's what we had while we watched the movie.

big fluffy clouds
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