June 16th, 2017


June 16--Mom's Rainbow Diner, Car Wash, and Disco Lounge!

It was going to be hot today so I got an early start. I talked with one of my doctoral class friends fairly early as I had my coffee, just to catch up. We will be up her way in August, and are making plans to meet up. After I talked with her I went out and ran errands. I had a drawer runner that was broken, and although I am not in any sense a handyman, I thought this was something I could tackle, so I got the stuff for it.

After the hardware store, I took the car to the car wash. My sister will be here this weekend and we will take her up to see my dad at my step sister's house on Sunday for Father's day, so Malida wanted me to make sure the car was clean. Not that my sister would notice.

While I was at the car wash I ran into two old friends--Ed and Doloris. Ed was in my deacon class, and we were ordained together back in 2004. I haven't seen them for a few years. They are among the kindest people I know. When my first wife was sick, Doloris would drive her to chemo when I wasn't able too, and they were always there for us. We chatted for a few minutes until their car was ready, and made plans to meet again soon.

Ed & Doloris

When I lived in Oakland, there was an actual place called Mom's Rainbow Diner, Car Wash, and Disco Lounge. And it was a diner, car wash and disco lounge. I didn't have a car then, so never actually got to have a car wash there, but I have never forgotten it. There was a big rainbow painted over the place.

The other day I mentioned that something had irritated me, and I didn't want to write about it then. I thought about it today and found that it no longer irritates me, so I will just let it be.

I came home and fixed the drawer, and it works perfectly. It's my junk drawer, so it gets used a lot. Does everyone have a junk drawer, or is it peculiar to my family? I keep all sorts of stuff in there, like old keys, a hammer, some screwdrivers, a ball of twine, a plastic fly, and so on.

I had lunch and then lazed during the heat of the afternoon. In the evening I went out and watered the plants and made some plans in my head for what to do with the back yard. Tomorrow the temperature will be in the low 100s. By Tuesday, it will be 109. Hot!
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