June 30th, 2017


June 30, June 30--So the wind won't blow it all away

I spent part of the day thinking about what we will plant in our yard when it is done, and the other half thinking about what to cook for our July 4 bbq. The guy who is fixing our back yard told me today that he would be done tomorrow. "I have to be done--I have more jobs next week!" He is a disciplined guy with a disciplined crew. I am sure he will be done.

We have a big wicker basket in our bedroom where we drop the change from our pockets. I have been dumping pocket change in there since I moved in here, back in 1999. It is completely full now. We decided we would take it to the machine that converts loose change into real money, and use that money to buy the plants we will grow in our back yard. I'm kind of curious how much money is in there. Malida thinks it is $600. I have no idea. We will find out soon enough, I guess.

lime tree

I planted a dwarf lime tree in our front patio the other day. We have a lemon tree, but I like to use limes too. The gardener suggested we put it in the front patio. He noted we get good morning sun, and should have all sorts of things growing there. He also suggested that we could tap into the front yard irrigation to water patio plants.

The two concrete owls to the right of the lime tree came from my grandpa's house. He had them sitting on his back patio. They are at least 100 years old. During the depression, in the 1930's, my grandparents lived over a garage across the street from the tuberculosis sanitarium where my grandma got treatment for her TB. They had a vegetable garden out back of the garage, and these two owls were part of a bench that sat out there.

The one on the left is cracked in half, which is why they aren't a bench anymore. Now they serve as resting places for pigs. I would like to find a place for them in my new back yard.

It's June 30, and I always think of Richard Brautigan on this day. One of his last books, and his last book of poetry, was called "June 30, June 30". He was an obscure author, but I loved his work.

Flying from Japanese night,
we left Haneda Airport in Tokyo
four hours ago at 9:30 P.M.
June 30th
and now we are flying into the sunrise
over the Pacific that is on its way
to Japan
where darkness lies upon the land
and the sun is hours away.
I greet the sunrise of July 1st
for my Japanese friends,
wishing them a pleasant day.
The sun is on its

June 30th again
above the Pacific
across the international date line
heading home to America
with part of my heart
in Japan.
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