July 5th, 2017


July 4--BOOM!

We had our friends over for a nice July 4th dinner. I slow-grilled a rib roast and had some corn, asparagus, mashed potatoes and a couple salads. Everything turned out well. After dinner we sat outside and chatted until it was time for the fireworks show in the park.

Our back yard faces where the park is, and we used to get a fairly good view of the fireworks show they set off every year. This year, with the big palm tree down, we got an unobstructed view. It was a great show that lasted about a half-hour. Sometimes I take pictures, but this year I just sat and enjoyed it. I played Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon as background music.


Nae and Malida are from the same town in Thailand, and went to the same nursing school, a year apart. She and Danny were living in Kansas when Malida first moved, here, but ended up moving to our town about 6 months later when Danny got a new job. Now they live 15 minutes from us.
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July 5--Nothing as pretty as pie

I was kind of worn out from cooking all day yesterday, so didn't do too much today. I sat out on the patio and had a cup of coffee. A bird flew up to the hummingbird feeder and tried to stick his big beak in it, without luck. It was a bird I had never seen before--had some yellow in his wings. Maybe he will come back and try again.

I had an electrician come and put in an outdoor outlet in the patio so we can plug in our garden fountain when it gets here. I watched a youtube video that made it look like I could do it myself, but I don't like to mess with electricity. Anyway this guy came and got it in and didn't charge me much. And it works. And I'm not electrocuted. Win-win.

Mr Lincoln

The first bloom from one of our two new rose bushes. Mr. Lincoln.
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The reason the FBI visited me

I mentioned this a few days ago. I was living off-base with some roommates in a little house at the edge of town in rural Idaho. It was a sort of trailer park, but instead of trailers, someone had bought the old wooden base hospital and cut it up into about a half dozen little houses, all scattered around a grassy area. Pretty much everyone that lived there knew each other, and we all hung out a lot.

One of the guys was married. He was from NY, and was (I think) Puerto Rican by ancestry. His younger brother got into some trouble in New York, and his mom sent him out to live with his brother so he could cool off and stay out of trouble. After he arrived, we all hopped into the car and took him up into the mountains so he could see what it looked like. There was a river, and we sat by it for a while.

On the way back, we stopped in to a diner in a small town to get some burgers. While we were sitting there, some guy came up and said he was the immigration police and wanted to see my friend's brother' papers. I don't remember who the guy was, but it seemed like he might have been a deputy or something. He wasn't wearing a uniform.

He started harassing my friend's brother and threatened to arrest him. We ended up leaving and coming home. My friend's brother was pretty distraught. It was a different kind of adversity and threat than he was used to in New York. I was so upset that the next day I called somewhere and made a complaint.

Two months later, the FBI guys show up at my door wanting to know what had happened. By then, my friend's brother had gone back to New York. So I told them the story. And that was the last I heard of it.

When I first remembered that the FBI guys had visited me, I had forgotten the reason why initially. Later, as I was driving, I remembered the kid being harassed by that small-town bully, and how it devastated him. It was 38 years ago. I wish I could think there are no small-town bullies like that anymore, but I know better. I read about them every day now.