July 6th, 2017


July 6--Water Feature

As I typed the date and subject for this post, I was nagged by the thought that July 6 meant something to me at one point in my life. Can't remember what it was, though.

I woke up at about 6:30 and daydreamed until my alarm went off at 7. I set the alarm because I had a full day of catching up with my doctoral work planned, ahead of a progress report I have to submit tomorrow. I work best under deadline, and made significant progress today.

I spoke to a couple of people with the Indian Health Service about what they are doing in diabetes prevention. I corresponded with a researcher in Michigan who is doing a program similar to what I am working on and offered to share what she has with me. I found a series of research studies from a woman in New York who has studied the effectiveness of lay health workers in diabetes prevention and describes evaluation tools that I have been looking for. And I found a potential source of funding through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Ideally I would have spaced this all out over the past month, but I didn't. Procrastination is probably one of my most significant character flaws. I suspect there is also some element of depression mixed in there. In any case, I no longer feel like I am treading water--I feel like I have some momentum again.

Malida was off today, but it was hot and she was relatively torpid other than going out to get us some Lao food. She seemed relieved that I was back working on my project. She's off again tomorrow, and we will go downtown for some Japanese food after I submit my report.

While I was working, all sorts of packages were delivered to my door. I received an old Hardy Boys book from a guy in New Jersey that I bought through Ebay--The Secret of the Lost Tunnel. I loved the Hardy Boys books when I was a kid. I also received a hummingbird feeder to replace the one that has started leaking. And, finally, my water feature arrived.

I ordered a garden fountain online a few days ago. We plan to put it in a corner of the yard where it is always shady. I have some stuff to do before I place it and hook it up, but won't have time to do that until Saturday, so I put it out on the new grass to take a picture.

water feature
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