July 26th, 2017


July 26--The Breeze From Barmet Bay

I accomplished pretty much everything I planned to accomplish today, in spite of a lack of motivation to do much of any of it. I stayed up late listening to music, and anticipated sleeping in this morning, but ended up waking up at 7:30 and getting up, which portended favorably toward the tasks I needed to do.

After I did some chores around the house, I went into work and dug into the last part of the curriculum revision I am working on. It involves obtaining emergency IV access by drilling a catheter into the marrow space of a large bone. I was trained how to do this when I was a Rapid Response Nurse, and did it twice in real life before moving on to teaching. It's pretty amazing. In about 90 seconds or less, you have a stable IV access that you can use for resuscitation.

Since the curriculum is for nursing students, I pretty much stuck with the basics, and tossed in some interesting videos. I finished the revisions, but want to review them before I upload them to our course page, and send them off to the other programs that will use them. It's the first time I have done anything that other programs will use, and I want to make sure it is correct.

I came home for lunch, then walked along the creek for a bit. It was getting pretty hot, and I didn't go far.

creek reflection

After walking, I went to the grocery store where they have one of the coin counting machines. The way the machines work is that you put the coins in and select an option for payment. If you select a cash payment, the service deducts something like 11.5% of the total and gives you a voucher to take to the checker. If you select to receive a gift card, to something like Amazon, or other places, you get it all, but have to spend it at the place you select. You can also opt to have it donated to a charity of your choice, in which case the entire amount goes to charity.

Malida and I talked it over and decided to do a third of each.

I mentioned previously that the can that the coins are in is too heavy to lift. Malida had the idea of putting them in some empty nut containers we had. I filled one this morning and took it in. It is about 1/6 of the total coins in the can.

coin jar

Care to guess what it weighs, and how much it translated into?

After that I went to the hardware store and got some more stuff to fix my leaky irrigation system. I will work on it in the morning when the windshield repair person is replacing my windshield.
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