July 27th, 2017


July 27--Extra Fancy

Malida suggested we get up at 6 am to go walking and I said. "no way", so we slept until about 7:30. I got up and made coffee, etc. in anticipation of the windshield repair guy arriving between 8 and 10. He arrived at about 9, and was done within the hour.

While the guy was working on the windshield, I set up the irrigation system in my front patio, so my lime tree and friends get enough water while we are gone. I also tweaked the irrigation in the back yard, and took out a plant we didn't like.

I responded to some work emails and setup some stuff for when I get back from Oregon. I will have a lot to do before the semester starts, but I'll have about 4 days to do it, which is plenty of time. I can't believe it all starts again in a little less than 4 weeks. I will savor my time on the coast.

extra fancy

We took two of the nut containers full of coins to be cashed in today. Of the two, the one that was "Extra Fancy Mixed Nuts" was about $10 more than the "Whole Fancy" one, but the total was consistent with the single container I cashed in yesterday. I will take the rest in tomorrow.

For dinner I made some greek pita things that were good, but a shade less than delicious.

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