July 28th, 2017


July 28--Loose Ends

I took the last of the coins from the can to the counting thing and now know how many coins were in the can, which had filled up over the past 17 years.

Each of the nut containers weighed about 13.2 pounds, and paid about$125 each. The fifth container was only 3/4 full and had $100. The total was $604. Malida was within $4 of the correct total with her guess of $600. Next time they have one of those jars filled with jelly beans, I'm letting her guess.

There are two more coffee cans full of coins, but I will deal with them later. I think they will be less, because I remember taking the quarters out a number of years ago.

We leave for our trip to Oregon tomorrow. I am looking forward to having a road trip. I looked at the weather for next week, and we will be one step ahead of a heat wave for much of Oregon. Tomorrow in Grants Pass, where we will stay the night, it will be in the 90s. Next Wednesday it will be 113. Yikes! By then we will be on the coast, with temps in the 70s.

trip journal

I bought a notebook to use as a trip journal. My first wife and I used to keep journals of our trips: places we stayed, stuff we saw and wanted to remember, but I haven't done it in years. Malida is excited about it, and asked me to put maps in so she can visualize where we are. I'll write some stuff in it every day about what we saw and did. Kind of like this.

My neighbor's daughter will be taking care of our cats while we are gone. We lucked out with this neighbor. They have 5 kids, and this will be the third one I have used to do stuff for me. When one goes off to college, there is always a younger one ready. I pay them, and their mom appreciates that we give them the opportunity to earn some spending money.

I haven't told the cats that we are leaving yet. They will know something is up in the morning when we are running around getting ready. Then they will hide somewhere where we can't find them, and we won't know if they are locked in a closet, so we have to make sure all the closet doors are open. And so on.


I haven't posted a picture of Mook in a while, so here she is staring at something only she can see. I had to remind both her and Chocko today that they are just cats. I don't think they believed me.
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