July 29th, 2017


July 29--It's the Climate

We got off pretty much on time, with only one return to the house to make sure the cats weren't locked up in a closet somewhere. Since they often are in a closet somewhere, I checked that all the doors were opened.

We headed out and drove up highway 5. It is kind of pretty going north. It passes Lake Shasta, Mount Shasta, the Sacramento river, over and over, and a lovely pedestrian bridge over the river in the city of Redding.

sundial bridge

We walked over the bridge and found some walking paths and such. On the other side of a bridge is a science museum. It seems like you could spend a day there and have all sorts of things to do. We didn't have a day, and it was 104 out, so we walked back and continued on our way.

We arrived in Grants Pass at about 5:30 and checked into our old-school motel. I like that I can back our car right up to our room. We rested from our journey, and then thought about dinner. Our original plan was to eat at the place we ate at last time, that sits on the Rogue River, but it was booked up. Our second choice was a 20-minute walk from the motel.

We discovered along the way that they were having an old car show/cruising event, and there were lots of people out and lots of cars.


We watched the show for a while then found our restaurant. We got a table without waiting, and had a delicious dinner. We shared a roasted beet salad and a Mediterranean shrimp dish with orzo pasta. WE walked back as the car event was winding down.

Grants Pass is always a stop along the way for us, but both times we have been here we have had a great experience. We talked about spending an extra day here next time and exploring a bit.

hood ornament

Tomorrow we head on to Portland.
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