August 5th, 2017


August 5--Crab apples in my cheeks

bob the dog

One more from Bandon before we left coast and headed inland to highway 5 and home, eventually. We were sorry to leave, but ready to get home and get on with our lives. A week is just about enough.

We stopped for lunch at some little diner that was run by a woman with a big voice. She shouted everything. The only other customer beside us was an old farmer type who looked to be about 80, eating breakfast. Every time she yelled something he would look out the window. When she came to take his plate, she shouted "Get er done there?"

"Aye, got her done," he replied softly.

The woman was nice as pie, and the food was great.

lil suzies

On the way out I stopped to take a picture of the place. Malida asked me why I was taking a picture. "I don't want to forget this place," I told her.

"You'll never forget it,"she shouted.

We stopped for the night in the town of Dunsmuir, on the Sacramento River, at an old cottage style motel on the old highway. We walked into town for dinner at the only Thai place in town, Sengthon's Blue Sky Room. It's another interesting place. Run by an old white guy, who loves jazz, and plays vinyl albums on a turntable behind the bar. The woman who served us, told us she was also the cook. It seems to be just the two of them. They were too busy for me to ask about the story of the place, but I am sure it has a story. The menu is mostly Lao style food. It was good.

blue sky room

We walked back to our room, about a mile down the old highway. It was kind of hot and humid, but it felt good to be out walking after a day of driving.

horse chestnuts
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