August 6th, 2017


August 6--Have a tomato, Plato

Home at last after 1600 miles on the road over 8 days. It feels good to be home, but I miss having the window open and feeling the sea breeze blowing in. The cats seemed kind of upset at first, but now they are their usual loving selves. Their food dish was almost empty, so that might explain it.

We started out the morning in Dunsmuir. We had planned to eat breakfast at a place in town, but when we walked down there, it was infested with hipsters drinking craft beers at 9 am, so we moved on.

Railroad resort

We ended up having breakfast at an interesting railroad park place where there are a bunch of cabooses turned into rooms, and a dining car where there is food. It was buffet style and pretty good. Seems like it would be an interesting place to stay.

peach on a rock

A peach on a rock in town, just across the street from where we once found two free champagne flutes.

The drive home was uneventful. We stopped along the way to buy some olives in the town of Corning. We got home mid-afternoon and unpacked and cleaned up.

I guess I have to go in to work tomorrow, but not too early.

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