August 7th, 2017


August 7--back to business

I got up fairly early and went out walking before I went into work. It was a lovely morning with a nice breeze.

I was the only one in the office so I put some music on and dug into the stuff I need to do before the semester starts. I got a lot done. The learning management webpage is all ready to go, and the first quiz is loaded. I made a list of the rest of the stuff I need to do this week, and it doesn't look too overwhelming. I should be able to get it all done and be able to take the first few days of next week off before we have to be back officially on Thursday.

I got a new parking pass for my car. I lost the old one when my windshield cracked, and they had to replace it. Now I'm legal again.

I finished work at about 3, and came home and had a nice nap. I didn't really get any naps while I was on vacation. It was quiet and peaceful.

I put out the catnip-filled cat toys for the cats. Mook played around with the carrot for a while until Chocko came over to inspect.


After Chocko sniffed the carrot, she sniffed Mook and had this look like, "You've been drinking again, haven't you?"

took guilty

Mook looks so guilty.
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