August 8th, 2017


August 8--Badger Badger Mushroom

I went into work again, and was surprised to find one of my cubicle-mates there, unpacking her desk and such. She usually doesn't come in until about a day before the start of the semester, but I guess she wanted to get set up.

She spent most of the morning humming and tapping on the desk surface, to two separate tunes. I decided I need to bring my noise cancelling headphones in and make use of them.

I got most of the interesting stuff done, and now all that's left is tedious stuff. It's the stuff I always put off until the semester starts, and then I always wish I had done it earlier, because it becomes no less tedious when I put it off, and then I have all sorts of other stuff to do as well.

I thought about doing some stuff to my cubicle, particularly putting up a big picture on one of the walls. You can get these pictures with a window frame around them to make it seem like there is a window, but I want to use one of my own pictures.

I looked through my photo files and found some that might be suitable. I have about 4TB of photo files, so there are a lot to choose from. There is a place that turns them into some sort of poster thing that sticks to the wall. It's kind of pricey, though, so I want to make sure I have the right picture.


This isn't one of the pictures I am considering, but one I came across while perusing. It is from Chiang Mai from a few years ago. I don't remember the context, but you see this kind of stuff all over the place in Thailand.

I was saddened to hear about Glen Campbell, but relieved that he no longer has to suffer with Alzheimers.
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