August 10th, 2017


August 10-Let's do lunch!

I've had a lot of success the past week in getting to bed at a reasonable hour (11 pm) and getting up at a reasonable hour (7 am). It's easier when I am traveling, because I'm usually worn out from sightseeing, so I just carried it over into when we got home.

In two weeks I will have to start getting up at 4:45 to be able to get to the hospital by 6. I have to park in the offsite lot now, and it is a 15 minute shuttle ride, so that means I have to get up 15 minutes earlier. I always think of having to get up that early during the semester as the end of the world, but really, it is only 10 weeks, and then the students start their preceptorships.

Anyway, I got up this morning and took my car in for routine servicing. We don't live too far from the auto mall--a few miles. The service guy asked if I wanted to get the shuttle back home. I thought about getting the shuttle to the park where I like to walk, but decide I might as well just walk around the auto mall instead. So I did.

At the edge of the mall is a coffee place, and I stopped in for a double espresso. After that I crossed the street and walked along the creek trail that follows the other creek in our town. There was no water, but there is a nice bike bridge that crosses the freeway to my side of town.

call me

I totally would have, but there was no number. And I promised to take Malida to Korea BBQ.

I'm done

I saw this in a vacant parking lot and pictured someone saying, "I'm done!" and storming off after throwing their tie to the ground. I used to have to wear ties every day, and I hated it.

I took Malida to lunch at the Korea BBQ place at her request. It was delicious as usual. After lunch I worked on work stuff for a while.

Someone asked me to give a talk next week to a group of community college nursing teachers. The topic is the student management system the hospital imposed upon us last semester. I hate it. So I agreed to talk about it. It is part of an interesting all-day seminar that is being held at the place where I used to work. It will be good to see people I haven't seen in a while, and connect with some other community college teachers.
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