August 13th, 2017


August 13--French Burnt Peanuts

The weather has been just about perfect since we returned from Oregon a week ago. It has settled in to the high 80s-low 90s, which is comfortable for this time in the summer. I look forward to the fall when they drop a little more. I do not care for any more 100+degree days--just throwing that out there.

We walked along the creek trail this morning. There were, as usual for such a nice day, lots of people out walking and riding bikes. All the dogs we passed had smiles on their faces. I mentioned to one woman that she had a happy looking dog, and as I smiled down at him, he growled at me.


We were disappointed to see that there had been a couple of grass fires while we were gone, including one around my favorite tree. Neither of the fire areas we saw looked like they could have started naturally. That tree has been there for a while, so hopefully it can recover.


Some type of wildflower I have never seen before. There were lots of them along the trail. Kind of offset the burnt areas.

While we were up north, I impulse bought a bag of french burnt peanuts. My vague idea was to put them in a candy dish on my desk at work. I remember going somewhere when I was a kid and there was a candy dish on the desk with french burnt peanuts. It might have been my mom's boss, Elmer. Anyway, Malida opened them yesterday and tried them, and came to tell me there was something wrong with them. What was wrong was that they tasted like french burnt peanuts, and not what she expected.

I need to go in to the hospital tomorrow to set up my rotations for the upcoming semester, and find out what has changed since I have been gone. It will be the first time all summer that I have worn a regular shirt and pants, not to mention a lab coat. It would be a lot easier if I could wear my short pants and lobster shirt.

Here it comes.
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