August 14th, 2017


August 14--Updating assiduously

As I suspected, the hard part about going in to work (and the hospital) today was getting dressed for it. I have spent the summer in shorts and these very comfortable cotton shirts. I felt constrained by long pants and a long shirt. And I had to shave. lol. I miss wearing scrubs.

I got to the office and hooked up my new speakers. I was the only one there, so I cranked them up and they sounded good. I tried the headphone jack and it works great. I'm set.

I headed over to the hospital about 10:30. The first pleasant surprise was that my favorite little fountain in between the main buildings is now an Ingress portal. It's mis-named to another hospital, but it will be my little favorite work portal.

I went upstairs and said hi to the managers I could find. They seemed happy to have students back. I saw a few former students who ran up and gave me hugs. The newer ones seem to be struggling a bit, so I spent some time talking with them and reassuring them that it will get better with time. They just kind of get thrown out there without a lot of support.

It's kind of interesting. When I am their teacher, the generally dread seeing me coming down the hall toward them. Not every student, but quite a few of them. But once they are working as nurses and see me coming, it is as if I am a safe harbor in the storm.

I used to like looking out the windows along the long hallway to oncology, but they have covered them with some opaque flowers. Boo.

flower thing

I went back to the office after the hospital and talked with my boss for a while. It is going to be an interesting semester. Our department has a lot going on.

I emailed my students and asked for some information about what they want to do in nursing. It helps me to figure out where to put them, and where to push them. I used the new student management site, which allows me to do all sorts of things with my group--send them messages, set up a chat room, post information, etc. I like it.

I came home and took a nap, and then went out and played ingress for a while and took a walk in a different park. It has a convenient 1 mile path around the perimeter that I walked a couple of cycles. It feels good to be back in a regular walking routine again. I have to keep it up when the semester starts, or I'm doomed.

My sister, who never emails me, emailed me a link to a youtube of an old Journey song, and asked if I remembered it. I did. I still have the album (their first), and saw them perform back before they had even released that album, opening for Blue Oyster Cult in San Francisco. Journey actually released three albums before Steve Perry joined them and they headed in another direction. Their first few albums were pretty much jam band, as both the guitarist and keyboard player/vocalist came out of Santana.
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