August 18th, 2017


August 18--Pathways! Again!

Today was back to work day. I can't believe how fast the summer break went by. Even though I drifted through the first month, I managed to get a lot accomplished, and was able to relax, so it's all good.

My main goal this morning was to get there early enough to snag one of the 5 parking spots that are up against our portables, which we have renamed the "Allied Health Trailer Village". I got there just after 6:30 and claimed my space. It was sweet.

I walked across the street and a half block to my favorite coffee place in the area, Espresso Metro. It first opened when I was in nursing school there. I spent a lot of downtime there when I was a photography student. Now it is almost across the street!


I walked back to the cubicle farm, and there was only one other person there, so it was quiet for a while. Eventually everyone showed up. There are 14 or 15 of us crammed into a relatively small space, and it got really loud quickly. One of my team members, after sitting there for about 15 minutes, told me she would be working from home a lot this semester.

The entire faculty met for convocation in the auditorium. We got to meet our new college president, who sounds like a great guy. The rest of the day was division and department meetings. The big message was that we need to get students through programs and graduated faster, and ensure we are graduating them into jobs. Our awesome director noted that for the past year, we have had a 100% pass rate, and a greater than 70% hire rate into a job they were trained for in the program. We are #1 in the state of California. Whoo Ya!

One of my favorite friends from afar sent me a surprise package last week. It was a box of flamingo bandaids! I love them, and put them in my Hello Kitty box so they can serve as my first aid kit at work.


I am ready for the semester!
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