August 21st, 2017


August 21 Eclipse/I love you with my liver and my lungs!

Two big things today, beyond it being the first day of the semester, and all that entails.

The Eclipse!

I was out in the quad at one of the information tables passing out student manners/maps when it started, I wasn't really sure that it had started until a student handed me her glasses and I could see that there was a chunk of the sun missing. Things just got gradually darker. It was pretty cool.

At 10 I went back to our department, and everyone was outside watching the eclipse. I ran up and exclaimed, "Something's wrong with the sun!"

One of our students had eclipse glasses and was letting everyone look. I think we got somewhere around 80% eclipse. It was so fascinating!


One of our students looking through the eclipse glasses.

Carel eclipse

My awesome boss looking at the eclipse and texting at the same time! That's why she's awesome!

As it reached its peak, I ran over and got my camera, and threw on all my neutral density filters and got this:



My favorite was this one, a selfie:

Selfie eclipse

It has it all--blurry sun, me with my wild professor hair, and a tiny eclipse reflection on my left cheek.


The second awesome thing that happened today was that I had my first Hmong language class. It was way cool. I am the only non-Hmong person in the class, and at least 30 years older than anyone else, including the teacher.

I got a Hmong name: Tub Ncig, which means "Traveler". I like that.

It's going to be a lot of work, but I think it will be worth it. There are a number of students who want to be nurses or enter other health professions, and I might be able to recruit them to assist in my project. If nothing else, it is an entry into the Hmong community.
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